A platform for food justice and allied movements to share information

About us

We are a collective of people passionate about food justice. We welcome all kindred spirits to participate in this space.

The text below is our manifesto… it is a working document, still under construction, but we welcome your feedback.

We Will All Eat – Manifesto

Food is a basic human right. It is also a lens through which to examine, discuss and transform important issues and major injustices relating to poverty, inequality, the climate crisis, environmental devastation, colonialism, apartheid, gender, culture and identity.

We will all eat seeks to broaden and deepen discussions on food and social justice in South Africa, in order to strengthen movements for food system—and broader social—transformation. We will do this by providing various platforms for engagement (face-to-face and virtual), sharing knowledge and information, linking to movements for change, engaging in advocacy and initiating actions to create the kind of change we wish to see.

We will all eat is committed to a socially just, ecologically sustainable food system that generates decent and dignified lives for food producers and food workers, while ensuring that all people have access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food. We are also committed to exploring political, social and economic alternatives that will support the transition to such a food system.

We will all eat recognises that struggles for food justice or food sovereignty are linked to other struggles in South Africa, such as those for land, water and decent work, as well as those against all forms of discrimination (race, class, gender, sexual orientation). From this standpoint, we recognise the potential for greater connections and solidarity between movements. We further recognise that the food system is embedded in the political-economic system, and that both will need to be transformed in the interest of social justice.

We will all eat seeks to use a variety of methods to raise awareness of food justice issues, support and enhance alliances between social justice struggles, and highlight alternatives to the current system. These include: research, dialogue, arts, advocacy, and creating examples of alternative food production, preparation and distribution methods.

We will all eat is an open platform for engagement, by anyone interested in food system and social transformation. However, all participants must abide by the principles of respect, diversity, inclusion of marginalised voices, valuing traditional and indigenous knowledges, commitment to social justice, equity and fairness, and ecological sustainability.